Air travel to be more expensive from April 1, DGCA raises airport security fees

New Delhi, March 30
From April 1, air travel is going to become more expensive the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has increased the fare for domestic passengers by Rs 40. Airport Security Fee (ASF) has been increased for air tickets. The security fee at the airport will be Rs 114.38 for international passengers. Airport security fees are used to protect the airport. Domestic passengers will now be charged Rs 200 for airport security fees. At the same time, international travelers will have to pay 12. These new rates will be effective from April 1. Airport security fee is charged per passenger but some passengers are exempted from it. These include children under the age of 2, officers with diplomatic passports, the crew of a duty airline and transit passengers who take a second connecting flight within 24 hours of the first flight on a single ticket. Airport security fees are revised every six months. In September 2020, airport security fees were increased from Rs 150 to Rs 160, or Rs 10. At the same time, for international passengers, it was increased from 95 4.95 to 20 5.20.
(Story sourced through agencies)