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Air India’s data hacked; Passengers’ passport, credit card and contact details leaked

The Fact News Service
May 22
A major cyber attack on Air India has been reported. The cyber attack involved the theft of worth ten years of personal details of passengers, including credit information and passport details. The data from August 2011 to February 2021 has been affected in this incident. It is said that other international airlines may also come under the scope of this cyber attack, the company said in an official statement on Friday. The cyber attack on SIT took place in the last week of February, Air India said. The data of 45 lakh passengers of many other airlines of the world including Air India has been leaked. However, the airline company make it clear that the CVV/CVC numbers, which are essential to execute transactions were not held by its data processor. Air India’s passenger service system has come under cyber attack on the data of 45 lakh passengers registered worldwide between August 26, 2011 and February 3, 2021. Air India first received the information from its data processor on February 25, 21. Personal data leaked of the passengers includes name, date of birth, mobile number, address, passport number, ticket details, data of Star Alliance and data of Air India Frequent Flyers and Credit Card.

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