Agigators started questioning role of Rakesh Tikait and Chaduni

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Hisar/Bahadurgarh, June 4
After the Tohana episode of the clash between JJP MLA Devendra Babli and farmers, the agitators are now questioning the role of Rakesh Tikait and Gurnam Chaduni. The voice has started rising whether only two people will decide the direction of this movement. Pradeep Dhankhar, chairman of the Minimum Support Price Sangharsh Samiti and others, who are sitting on the Tikri border in Bahadurgarh, say that neither we are against any member of United Kisan Morcha nor are we supporters of any leader. We will only respect and cooperate with each and every member of Haryana United Kisan Morcha. They will also represent themselves in this front in turn. This is the ideology of Haryana United Kisan Morcha. Any member who has a desire to move away from this ideology, then he can separate from the Haryana United Kisan Morcha. Dhankhar said that the way the role of Rakesh Tikait and Gurnam Chaduni is being revealed, the question is being raised whether these two people have the right to decide the direction of the farmers’ movement. Where is the rest of SKM Haryana? In the Tohana episode, the way a leader refused to call the active agitators as his own, they will refuse to recognize them tomorrow. If the agitators do not wake up, then this fight of Gurnam Chadhuni and Rakesh Tikait will eat away the movement. Different ideologies have come to the fore in the past The different ideologies of Rakesh Tikait and Gurnam Chaduni have come to the fore in the past. In the past, when these two leaders came on the same stage in Bahadurgarh, their different opinions came to the fore. Rakesh Tikait kept saying till that time that the movement would go on till winter, while Gurnam Chadhuni kept calling it his personal opinion. Now on Gurnam Chaduni’s statement related to the Tohana episode, Rakesh Tikait has said in the same way that his thinking is different. understand the whole case like this Rakesh Tikait is mainly considered a farmer leader and he is from Uttar Pradesh. But the ongoing movement against the three agricultural laws is active in Haryana. In such a situation, Gurnam Chaduni made a statement that if the farmers of UP also support, then this battle can be won easily. After this statement, many speculations were made. At the same time, when UP CM Yogi came to Kovid Hospital in Noida, Rakesh Tikait said that he is coming for a health service program, so there will be no protest. At the same time, when CM Manohar Lal came to inaugurate the Kovid Hospital in Hisar, Haryana, there was a lot of disturbance here and Rakesh Tikait reached many districts on the same day and roads were blocked in protest against the lathi charge on the agitators. Even after this incident, many questions were raised. In the case of Devendra Babli and the agitator, there was a difference of opinion between Rakesh Tikait and Gurnam Jannayak Janata Dal Party (JJP) MLA Devendra Babli from Tohana, who arrived in the Corona Vaccination program, was blocked by the agitators, who were angry with the BJP alliance. On this, the MLAs got stunned and called the agitators abusive. After this the agitators also became furious and hit the glass of the MLA’s luxury car with a stick. The glass was broken and the MLA’s private secretary suffered severe neck injuries. On this many agitators were taken into custody. The video of its entire episode also went viral. On Wednesday, when the agitators gathered in Tohana to demand the release of the agitators, Gurnam Chaduni also reached. The administration asked him for time till June 7 so that he could talk to the MLA. The agitators were adamant on apologizing to the MLA and also asked to demand registration of a case. When Chaduni kept this matter among the agitators, the agitators turned down the demand for time. On this, Chadhuni said that we have no order to run Lath, if someone does this then we have nothing to do with him. On this the agitators got upset. This video also went viral.

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