After loosing all in robbery, this Kerala woman rebuild her chips business with just Rs 100

The Fact News Service

January 17

Losing something one built from scratch is one of the hardest things anyone can go through.

For Elavarasi Jayakanth, a resident of Tamil Nadu, life posed challenge after challenge but she faced them head on and emerged victorious.

According to the website AswathiHotChips, ‘Elavarasi’s family were settled in Thrissur from Madurai Uzalampetty more than 45 years ago. The family’s livelihood was the sale of sweets. After studying and getting married, Ilavarashi started following her family’s path and started making sweets’.

Elavarasi learnt how to sell products, from her family, and did so by making sweets and snacks at home and selling them to local stores and households. She developed a loyal customer base who kept coming back to her for more. 

Elavarasi told The Better Indiathat to fulfil her dream of becoming an entrepreneur, after discussion with her family, she decided to combine her savings and take a loan of Rs 50 lakh after which she was finally able to open a supermarket in Thrissur in 2010.

Till then she could provide employment to at least 50 people. But as fate would have it, her business venture came to a halt after a robbery at her store in 2011. She lost everything. 

It was obviously a major setback, but eventually, Elavarasi was able to pick herself up again and reportedly with just Rs 100 she rebuilt her business – Aswathi Hot Chips – that currently has four outlets in Thrissur. They sell a variety chips, pickles and cakes. 

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)