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After Black Fungus in the country, Patna reports four cases of ‘White Fungus’

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New Delhi, May 21
After Black fungus reported during the second wave of corona virus in the country, now white fungus is also becoming a complication in corona patients. In fact, four corona patients admitted to Patna Medical College Hospital (PMCH) have been diagnosed with white fungus. Dr. SN Singh, President, Department of Microbiology, PMCH, has confirmed the presence of white fungus in Corona patients. This fungus damages the skin of patients and on late detection of white fungus, it can be life threatening. Dr. S.N. Singh appealed to take the problem of white fungus in covid and post covid patients seriously. The disease is said to be more dangerous than the black fungus. White fungus infects the lungs just like corona. In addition, infections can spread to the nails, skin, abdomen, kidneys, brain, private parts and inside the mouth. Doctors says that if the symptoms of corona appear in the blood, then it is necessary to check the sputum to detect the white fungus. He said that the cause of white fungus is the  lack of immunity same as black fungus. The risk is higher in people who have diabetes or who have been taking steroid medications for a long time. In newborns, it occurs in the form of diaper candidiasis, which results in the appearance of creamy white spots. It causes oral thrush in young children and is the leading cause of licorice in women. Patients who are on oxygen or ventilator, their oxygen, especially tube should be sterilized. Also sterilized water should be used in the oxygen cylinder humidifier. The oxygen that gets into the patient’s lungs should be fungus free. Patients who have their rapid antigen and RT-PCR test as negative and have corona-like symptoms in the blood, they should be tested for rapid antibodies. At the same time fungus culture of mucus should be tested.

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