After 50 years any Chief Minister of Haryana visits Kapalmochan Mela

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, November 20

Haryana Chief Minister,  Manohar Lal said that the area from Kalesar in Yamunanagar to Kalka in Panchkula would be developed from the point of view of pilgrimage and tourism. Under this, infrastructure is being strengthened in Kapalmochan Mela area. The Chief Minister had arrived today to participate in the historic Kapalmochan Mela. In the last fifty years,  Manohar Lal is the only Chief Minister who has reached here by breaking many myths and superstitions. Due to superstition, no Chief Minister had come here after 1970. A few days ago, when he came to know about such myths and superstitions in association with this holy place, he decided to break all such myths and superstitions. He first offered prayers at Gurdwara Kapalmochan here today, and then offered prayers at the Ghat of the ancient white Gaubachha temple, Rin Mochan Sarovar and Surajkund Sarovar.

While congratulating the people on the auspicious occasion of Gurupurab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he explained the religious and historical importance of this area. He said that last year the Kapalmochan mela could not be organized due to Covid-19, but this time the fair was organized in a grand manner by following the Covid-19 protocols. The Chief Minister appreciated the district administration for making excellent preparations in very less time. He said that around 2 lakh devotees took a dip of faith in Kapalmochan Mela last evening.

The Chief Minister said that this area also has a lot of importance from cultural point of view. Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji had arrived at this pious place. Considering all these factors we have taken several steps for the development of this sector, he said. Apart from Shri Kapalmochan Teerth, Shrine Board has been formed for the development of Shri Badrinarayan, Shri Mata Mantradevi and Shri Kedarnath. The grand Guru Gobind Singh Martial Arts Museum has been constructed at Kapalmochan at a cost of Rs. 300 lakh. The Bilaspur-Kapalmochan-Danaura road has been widened and strengthened at a cost of Rs. 20.8 crore. Link road Kapalmochan-Danaura road to Bhagwanpur road in district Yamunanagar has been widened by spending Rs. 2.58 crore. Similarly, an over bridge has been constructed over Som river on Kathgarh to Rampur Gainda road at a cost of Rs. 6.43 crore. The Government College Aharwala Bhawan has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 14.13 crore.

He said that every year International Gita Jayanti Mahotsav is celebrated in Kurukshetra to preserve Indian culture and make the coming generations aware of its rich traditions. Along with this, our government has constituted Saraswati Development Board to bring back the ancient holy river Saraswati and to rejuvenate the pilgrimages located on its banks. For the purpose of re-flowing of Saraswati river, construction of 3 Saraswati lakes and dams in Adibadri, Saraswati forest area near Pehowa, construction of 2 Saraswati lakes in Seonsar and connecting 2 other streams of Saraswati river with Saraswati is being initiated. The Chief Minister said that after the demand letter received from the saints who came to the fair today, he has directed the District Deputy Commissioner to prepare a plan, on which action would be initiated soon.

Don’t pay attention to baseless superstitions

Responding to the superstition spread by the media about the absence of Chief Ministers in the Kapalmochan Mela since many years but after visiting the Kapalmochan Mela, the Chief Minister said that I do not believe in such superstition. He said that a few days before the start of the mela, I had received such information that after the year 1970, no Chief Minister has visited the Kapalmochan Mela, earlier Punjab Ministers and Chief Ministers also used to come to this fair. He said that today I have come to attend this programme after canceling two scheduled meetings. Even before this I have come here once for darshan. Similar superstition is also believed about Madhuban of Karnal. While being the Chief Minister, I have also reached Madhuban thrice in different programmes whereas for the last 30 years no other Chief Minister has gone to Madhuban except me.

On this occasion, Education Minister,  Kanwar Pal, Ambala MP,  Rattanlal Kataria, Kurukshetra MP,  Nayab Saini, Yamunanagar MLA,  Ghanshyam Das and many senior officers were present.