Advocate Arora objects ‘private’ ambulance for Ansari

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, April 4
Punjab and Haryana High Court advocate H.C Arora has objected to gangster turned politician and BSP MLA Mukhtar Ansari being brought to court in Mohali in extortion reportedly in a private ambulance from Ropar Jail on March 31, 2021. He also asked the state government to deleted such provision to provides a facility of private ambulance on-demand to criminals. Advocate Arora said that the criminal-politician nexus in the states is so deep that even the prison rules are enacted with an eye of extending undesirable facilities to hardened criminals, or dones like Muktar Ansari. Giving the reference of a news report, the advocate said that it has been revealed that Mukhtar Ansari, a don in UP was taken from Ropar jail in a private ambulance registered in UP. “The incident raised eyebrows in political circles had Mukhtar Ansari fled from the police custody, that would have been a huge embarrassment to Punjab police,” stated H.C Arora. He shared that there is a provision in the “Punjab Prisoners (Attendance in Court) Rules 1969 framed under the parent Act of 1952 that a police party can allow a separate conveyance if the prisoner so wants. He questioned that why such facilities are provided for the don like Mukhtar Ansari and why the government ambulance was not available. Arora further also claimed that the private ambulance in question registered in UP turned out to be fake. “I would therefore call upon you to delete the aforesaid provisions contained in Rule 18 (3) of the Punjab Prisoners (Attendance in Courts) Rules 1969 immediately failing which I shall be left with no other option but to approach honorable Punjab and Haryana High Court for challenging the said provision, being arbitary and absolute,” he added. ,