Advantages and disadvantages of Carom Seeds

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, February 17
It’s great to have a balance of everything in life. In addition to enhancing the taste of food, consumption of thyme is a panacea for minor health problems. People use carom seeds for everything from weight loss to indigestion, but overeating can also make you sick. Yes, if eaten in the wrong way and in the right amount, it can make digestion worse instead of better. Let us tell you the disadvantages of carom seeds do not consume more than 10 grams of carom seeds in a day. In fact, it has a warming effect, so consuming it in large quantities can be harmful. Boil the thyme in water and then strain the water and drink it. You can also take it with jaggery. If you have stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, ulcerative colitis or mouth ulcers, don’t forget to take thyme. This can make your problem worse. Consumption of it regularly and in large quantities can cause gas, acidity and constipation so do not consume it in large quantities to improve digestion. It can also cause heartburn or gas. This can make your skin sensitive. In such cases, exposure to the sun can cause a variety of allergic reactions on the skin. Not only this, it can also cause skin cancer later on. Do not forget to consume carom seeds even during pregnancy. This is because it increases the level of heat in the body which is dangerous in this situation. Although you can eat carom seeds for constipation and acidity but not more than 10 grams a day. Taking thyme with water increases heart rate and blood pressure. This can lead to many heart problems. Excessive consumption of thyme can lead to liver related diseases. People suffering from diverticulitis and ulcerative colitis should not consume carom seeds. Carom seeds contains thymol and gamma terpene which can cause nausea and dizziness. At the same time, it increases the acidity which can spoil the mouth and upset the mood. If you are allergic to thyme, do not forget to consume it. This can cause you to have a cold, rash or stomach problems. So test the patch before eating thyme.