Adam Sandler, Pete Davidson team for quarantine special song

Adam Sandler and Pete Davidson

Washington D.C. [USA], April 27 (ANI): American actor Adam Sandler and comedian Pete Davidson are expressing themselves through song, with the help of another '90s comic.
According to Fox News, the two appeared in the latest at-home episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' where they performed a song called 'Stuck in the House.'
The song kicked off with the 26-year-old comedian singing. He sang, "I'm stuck and I'm bored, got nothing to do. I miss my friends, they miss me too. Sick of watching shows and talking on Zoom."
He continued, saying he's hiding from his mom and growing tired of the same routine. He joked,"Grow a 'stache, shave your head, work out, that's for b**ches."
Davidson also added references to hand sanitizer leaving his hands chapped in the song. The comedian sang, "Stuck with my fam, I can't get out. For, like, two months, been on my couch. Running out of things to talk about. It's quarantine at my house."
Then, the 53-year-old actor Sandler appeared, singing into a microphone. Sandler sang as he wore white underwear over his head, covering his nose and mouth, "I'm done with selfies so don't even ask. Staying in the house in an underwear mask. Only pet my dog with a baseball mitt, baking my own bread and it tastes like s**t."
The 'Murder Mystery' star joked about being too scared to seek medical attention for injuries and "using both sides of my toilet paper."
Sandler sang, "Wife tried to kiss me and I straight-up denied her. I miss the NBA and I miss Rob Schneider."
The scene then cut to actor and comedian Schneider, knocking on Sandler's door.
Schneider shouted through the door, reciting his iconic line from several films he's done with Sandler,"You can do it!"
Sandler shouted back: "No!"
Schneider yelled, "Say it, man, Come on!"
Returning to the song, Sandler sang: "Have the GrubHub guy leave the food on the street. I'm so f**king bored I'm doing songs with Pete."
Sandler, his wife and daughters then concluded the video by holding up signs that read, "Thank you first responders" and, "We love you." (ANI)

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