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Actively take up fogging drive in the evening to curb mosquito menace: DC Isha Kalia

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Mohali, October 12

Amid any situation, guard against vector-borne diseases should not be lowered directed Deputy Commissioner, Isha Kalia and ordered the district Health Department, Municipal Corporation and Municipal Councils to “actively take up fogging drive to curb mosquito menace”.

Chairing the Health Review meeting at District Administrative Complex, Deputy Commissioner said that with change in climatic conditions the mosquito menace is expected to increase so the fogging and door to door container survey may be intensified with active challenging of the households wherein mosquito larvae is found. “Instead of pressing each fogging vehicle into operation just once a day, they may be used twice; evening fogging schedules be prepared’’, ordered DC to expedite the drive and to cover maximum areas regularly.

Apart from fogging, regular disinfectant spray should be ensured across the city with special focus on public places owing to the festive season. Dusting with medicinal powder near drains should be coupled with frequent disinfection activities in densely populated areas, slums and narrow lanes, she added.

Pertinently, the Municipal Corporation Mohali has pressed into service Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped fogging machines into service enabling monitoring of the speed and duration of the vehicles in the designated area/locality. The city is divided into four zones and fogging is done in each zone by one fogging machine each, as per a schedule, catering every sector/phase once a week on an average. Besides, two Shoulder Mounted Machines are being used for fogging in parks, villages and settlements where big machines cannot enter. It is also being used in the houses of active dengue patients and their neighborhood.

Deputy Commissioner appealed to the public to stage a fight against dengue as the mosquito responsible for dengue and chikungunya (aedes) breeds only in fresh and clean water and bites only during day time. “Maximum breeding of mosquito is being reported in coolers, tyres, trays of fridges, flower pots and discarded items”, said DC and urged people not to allow water to stagnate in any container in and around their homes.

She informed that Punjab Government has declared ‘Every Friday-Dry Day’ which refers to the fact that dengue can be prevented by emptying and cleaning the water containers once a week.

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