Active Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir declined over the years, says Army officer

The Fact News Service
Srinagar, June 26

A senior Indian Army official has said that the number of Pakistani militants active in Kashmir has declined in the last few years. He said on Friday that the FATF, which monitors the financing of terrorism, There are several reasons for this, including the pressure on Islamabad by the BJP.

Army Chinar Corps Officer Commanding Lt. Gen. D. P. speaking to reporters at a function here, Pandey said the militants were keeping a distance at the moment. He is only working as a consultant. Efforts by the neighboring country to portray the situation in the Valley as an indigenous freedom struggle have also led to a decline in the number of active Pakistani militants. “Everyone knows China’s activities across the Line of Control (LoC), so the balance of power is maintained and we act on it,” he said.

Asked whether the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan was a matter of concern over the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir, Pandey said the situation had changed over the last 30 years. “I think there are 2 alternatives, maybe some people will come here but I assure you that whenever anyone tries to come, the control of J&K police (on the situation) is very strong and Kashmir,” he said. No wrongdoing will be allowed in India. ”

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