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Abohar police stunned with the case of theft of Rs 6 lakhs

Avtar Singh

Abohar, October 20

A case of theft has come before the Abohar police which has made the police officers think that the perpetrators of the theft may be smart enough that the police have not found any clue to solve the case. Although the police solved the theft incident in about 18 hours, the police also gave this advice to the people after the incident.

Abohar DSP Rahul Bhardwaj said that on October 17, soldiers broke the locks of the spheres of the Durga temple and stole around Rs 30,000 from unidentified thieves along with a DVR box recording cameras. Also taken. While police were still investigating the case, on the afternoon of October 18, unidentified thieves stole around Rs 6 lakh in cash from the house of Sundar Lal, a resident of Nanak Nagar.

According to the DSP, the police were surprised to find that none of the locks of Sundar Lal’s house were broken and about 6 locks were opened and the theft was carried out. When the operation was carried out with the help of a short video clip found on CCTV outside a house, the police finally reached the hands of the thieves and solved the incident of Rs 6 lakh inside the temple and the house. Ajay Kumar and Sumit Kumar, residents of Sandhu Nagar, Abohar, have been arrested by the police in connection with the thefts. Although Rs 4 lakh in cash has been recovered, police inquiries will try to ascertain the remaining amount.

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