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A U-turn by Baba Ramdev!

 Monish Behl, Political Strategist, and Founder FACT News
Baba Ramdev, who previously stated that he does not require the COVID-19 vaccination since he is protected by yoga and Ayurveda, now stated that he will be immunised and referred to doctors as “God’s envoys on Earth.” “Get both vaccine doses and the double protection of yoga and Ayurveda,” he was quoted as adding. They will unite to provide you with such a strong wall of protection that no sin will be able to penetrate it. Furthermore, he cast doubt on vaccination efficacy by claiming that 1,000 doctors died despite being completely vaccinated. Apart from being uninformed and irresponsible, Ramdev’s widely distributed words were also dangerous in the context of the deadly COVID outbreak, prompting a response from the Medical Association (IMA), which sought action against him. He had earlier made controversial remarks about modern science by saying, “I am not against any organisation. Good doctors are a real boon. They are God’s envoys on earth. But individual doctors can do wrong things.” He added that allopathic treatments are better in case of emergencies and surgeries. “When it comes to emergency treatment and surgery, allopathy is the best. There cannot be two opinions about it,” Ramdev said. “But other life-threatening diseases, incurable disorders can be cured through ancient practices listed in yoga…Ayurveda, which is not a matter of argument,” Ramdev claimed, according to ANI. Last month, Ramdev faced the heat over his alleged comments that “allopathy is a stupid and diwaliya science” and that “lakhs and lakhs of people died because of administering allopathic medicines rather than a shortage of oxygen” amid the COVID-19 crisis. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) slammed Ramdev’s comments and demanded action against him under the Epidemic Diseases Act. The IMA in a statement Ramdev said that his “untutored” statements are a threat to the literate society of the country as well as to the poor people falling prey to him”. The association described Ramdev as a “quack in the garb of baba” and said, “Ramdev deserves to be prosecuted for disobeying and causing danger to the life of many by making them believe to not to take the advice of allopathy doctors.” The IMA on May 27 filed an FIR against Ramdev over his “dishonest and wrongful representations” on allopathy.  Another FIR was filed against him and Patanjali Yogpeeth on June 7 in Patna. Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan also wrote a letter to Ramdev saying his words had caused great distress to the medical fraternity, especially at a time when doctors are fighting day and night against the pandemic, and requested Ramdev to recall his words.  

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