A ‘break’ at the speed of corona, lowest number of new cases in 60 days, 2,677 deaths

The Fact News Service
New Delhi, June 6
Corona virus outbreak in India is now coming to a halt. The number of daily corona cases is declining and the number of people battling the epidemic is steadily increasing. In one day, 1,14,460 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported, the lowest number in 60 days. The epidemic has killed 2,677 more people there. The Union Ministry of Health said in its data released on Sunday that the total number of epidemic cases in the country has risen to 2,88,09,339 with new cases of the virus. The death toll from the virus has risen to 2,467, bringing the death toll to 3,46,759. This is the lowest death toll in about 42 days. The number of cases under treatment in the country has also come down to less than 1.5 million. There are currently 14,77,799 cases under treatment in the country, accounting for 5.13 per cent of the total cases. Meanwhile, the national recovery rate with Kovid-19 has improved to 93.67 per cent. So far, 2,69,84,781 people have been infected. In terms of immunization, 23,13,22,417 people have been vaccinated against corona in the country since the start of the vaccination campaign on January 16, 2021. On Saturday, 33,53,539 people were vaccinated against corona. Corona cases have declined in the national capital, Maharashtra. In Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state by population, the number has dropped by 3,439 in the last 24 hours to 19,438. It is to be noted that in many states of the country, restrictions like lockout or corona curfew have been imposed due to the second corona movement to curb the spread of the virus. Be sure to get vaccinated against corona. Be sure to wear a mask even after the vaccination. Avoid crowded places. Keep a distance of two yards. Keep hands clean, wash with soap or keep sanitizing.

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