A 45-minutes storm created an outcry in the Tricity, one hour black out

The Fact News Service,
Chandigarh, May 30,
The change in the weather at around ten o’clock in the night created panic. Tricity had strong winds like the storm. The speed of the winds was so high that many electric poles and trees were uprooted from the root. Water tanks on the roof of many houses were blown away. The signboards and teens placed outside the shops fell away and fell away. The entire Tricity was blacked out for about an hour. During this period, heavy rains were also recorded. The temperature dropped significantly due to rain and strong thunderstorms. The Meteorological Department claims that this change in weather happens suddenly. Primarily damp winds were coming from the southeast direction. This created an area of ​​low air pressure and was also affected by western disturbances. In Mohali too, big branches of the trees have broken and fallen on the roads. The same situation is also in Panchkula. In some areas of Panchkula, the supply of electricity has not been restored till 9.30 am on Sunday morning. The overnight inverters have also been answered now. At the same time, drivers faced problems due to trees falling on the roads of Chandigarh. At some places, traffic police personnel were seen removing the twigs of fallen trees on the road. People moving to the city will get some relief from the heat. There is a possibility of drizzle with intermittent winds over the next 24 to 48 hours.

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