97-year-old Holocaust survivor recovers from Covid-19

Lily Ebert, a 97-year-old Auschwitz survivor, made a “miraculous recovery” from Covid-19 and her story has gone viral on social media. Dov Forman, Lily’s great-grandson, posted a picture of her on Twitter and said that she went on a walk after a really long time following her recovery.

In his post, Dov Forman said, “My 97-Year-old Great Grandma, Lily Ebert BEM – Auschwitz Survivor, has just recovered from Covid- 19. Today she went on her first walk in a month after making a miraculous recovery,” adding that she is a “fighter and survivor.”

Dov Forman’s tweet has gone viral and collected over two lakh likes and 17,000 retweets. “This makes me so happy! My great grandma 99 years old unfortunately passed due to Covid earlier this year. So glad yours has beaten it,” a user said.

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)