9 lakh metric tonnes of wheat likely to be produced in Jalandhar: Chief Agricultural Officer

The Fact News Service
Jalandhar, April 7

There is a possibility of a record-breaking inflow of wheat in the mandis of Jalandhar district during the current half-season. This time, wheat has been sown in an area of 1.73 lakh hectares, which is expected to yield about 1.73 lakh metric tonnes of wheat.

Chief Agriculture Officer Dr. Surinder Singh said that due to the second wave of Covid- 19, farmers may have to make special arrangements during the harvesting of wheat. He emphasized to the farmers to make sure of the instructions issued by the Punjab Government and Health Department. He said that due to the need of more workers in wheat harvesting work, social distance, wearing masks and other safety precautions should be made reliable on their behalf. He said that if these things are taken care of, then the difficulties faced in harvesting and mandating wheat can be avoided.

 It is worth mentioning that the Government of Punjab is starting the government procurement of wheat from April 10, due to which, along with the cleaning and cleaning of the grain markets, they are being sanitized so that the farmers do not face any kind of problem. Lie.

 In this regard, district mandi officer Makesh Kale informed that in the entire 78 mandis of the district, the necessary arrangements for smooth procurement of wheat are going on at war level, which will be completed before April 10. He further informed that farmers will be made reliable in the use of masks if they enter the mandis in view of the Covid- 19 pandemic. He told that wheat procurement will be done in a different way so that there is no crowd gathering in the mandis. 30 * 30 boxes have also been made for farmers to shove their crops in the mandi, where all the procurement-related actions will be made reliable. Apart from this, strict arrangements are being made for the toilets, cleanliness and lighting along with drinking water for the farmers in the mandis.

 He appealed to the farmers to bring their crops to the mandis dry and to fully comply with the instructions issued by the government regarding Covid- 19 so that they do not face any difficulty while selling their crops.