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7 hours of oxygen left in Amritsar, many lives could be lost

The Fact News Service
Amritsar, April 26
Despite the claims of the district administration, oxygen crisis is looming in Amritsar. While private hospitals are facing a lot of difficulties in getting oxygen, Guru Nanak Dev Hospital has 7 hours supply in the midst of oxygen crisis. The Liquid Oxygen Plant has a storage capacity of 6 tons of oxygen while 130 oxygen cylinders are installed. Oxygen is being given to patients from both sources. The hospital has 140 patients on oxygen support. As per information, the number of corona in Guru Nanak Dev Hospital is continuously increasing. Due to the non-admission of many patients by private hospitals, those patients are coming directly to Guru Nanak Dev Hospital for admission. Late on Sunday night, the Principal of the Medical College Dr. Rajiv Devgan and the Medical Superintendent of Guru Nanak Dev Hospital Dr. K.D. Singh reached the oxygen plant and assessed the situation. Guru Nanak Dev Hospital is getting a maximum supply of oxygen as the number of patients is high, though one cylinder is being consumed in 10 to 15 minutes. Even a 6-tonne liquid oxygen plant can be emptied in a matter of hours.