59 report covid positive in Gurdaspur district

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The Fact News Service

Gurdaspur, September 29

Dr. Civil Surgeon Kishan Chand said that so far 113909 suspected patients have been sampled in the district out of which 107773 negative, 2892 positive patients, 616 positive patients who have been tested in other districts, 67 positive patients tested through Trunet, 2252 persons have tested positive for antigen test and a total of 5827 positive patients and the results of 890 reports are pending. Today, 59 people reported positive and 6 corona victims died.

He further said that 10 victims were admitted in Gurdaspur, 01 in Dhariwal, 11 in Beant College, 65 in other districts, 07 in Central Jail and 18 in Tibri Hospital. 652 victims who have 1symptomatic / mild symptomatic have been secluded at home. Of the 4920 people infected with the corona virus, 4112 have been cured and 808 have been discharged home. There are 769 active cases. A total of 138 deaths have been reported in the district.