4 security force members wounded in Taliban attacks in Kabul

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Kabul (Afghanistan), July 11 (Xinhua/ANI): Two Afghan police officers and two army soldiers were wounded in Taliban attacks in Kabul on Saturday, a source said.
"Two Afghan National Army soldiers were wounded following an improvised bomb explosion near Ministry of Public Works building in Police District of 16 of Kabul," a source from capital police told Xinhua.
One Ministry of Defence vehicle was also severely damaged in the explosion in the morning rush hour, added the source who declined to be named.
Before dawn, two police officers were injured after Taliban terrorists stormed a security checkpoint in Istalif, a district on northern outskirts of Kabul, the source said.
The fighting lasted for two hours and the terrorists were forced back by policemen manning the checkpoint.
The Taliban have intensified attacks, using fight and run tactic as they have regularly attacked security forces' positions across the country since February's peace deal between the group and the United States.
The fresh clashes have raised questions about the peace deal, which paved the way for a phased US force withdrawal.
According to the agreement, more than 10,000 foreign forces, including over 8,000 Americans, will withdraw from Afghanistan by July next year. (Xinhua/ANI)