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345 people beat corona in Amritsar district , 4 killed, 4240 vaccinated

The Fact News Service
Amritsar, June 5
With the decline in cases of corona infection in the last few days, there is a glimmer of hope that the rate of corona is slowing down. A total of 144 corona-positive cases were reported again on Friday. On the other hand, 4 people died due to corona . The good news is that even today, the number of people who have recovered is much higher. In the last 24 hours, 345 people have beaten the corona. A total of 4492 samples were taken from all over the district out of which the above figures have come to light. It is to be mentioned that this second variant of Corona takes the patient to such an extent that the patient soon has to fight a battle between life and death. The situation in the city had reached such a critical stage in the past that people were terrified of it. The negligence being used by the people is not stopping even now. The public health department is not fully complying with the rules and instructions issued for Covid-19. On the other hand, the shopkeepers are also flouting the instructions. The worst situation is in rural areas. Not all the villagers are acknowledging the existence of Corona and calling the figures a misleading one. With a little strictness on the part of the administration, everyone has started wearing face masks, but the social distance seems to be flying everywhere. Currently there are 2344 active cases in Amritsar district, where the pace of vaccination has slowed down for the last 24 hours and a total of 4240 people have been vaccinated. Active Case: 2344 Total Infected: 45211 Recovered so far: 41388 Deaths so far: 2344