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23-year-old Ferozepur woman ends life over low IELTS score

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Ferozepur, September 13

The craze for going abroad for higher studies and later on settled there is getting momentum among the youths but started taking lives over low IELTS score, as getting certain fixed bands in exams is one of the pre-condition. In one such case, under depression over low IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score, a 23-year-old woman committed suicide by consuming poisonous substance on Sunday. Her family members got to know about the mishap later when they went to her room.

As per the information, Pawandeep Kaur of village Hakumat Singh Wala consumed Celphos – a poisonous substance, used for preserving foodgrain and took her for treatment in the nearby hospital Mudki. She was, however, referred to Ludhiana DMC keeping in view of her serious condition where during treatment she died.

The deceased family members informed that Pawandeep Kaur wanted to go abroad for higher studies for which she had been preparing for an exam and had appeared in exams for two-three times but could not get the desired score in IELTS. A few days back, she has appeared in the exam again but could not clear. However, when she failed to get the desirable results, she took the extreme step, he added.

An old-timer, S.P.Khera said, the tags ‘NRI’, ‘foreign returned’, ‘green card holder’ etc, are held in high esteem in our country. Even in the marriage market, these tags are valuable. With this sort of mentality, it is not surprising that our children dream of going abroad for higher studies, jobs, etc. not realizing the pitfalls. He said, please do not demean our country in such a rush to go out. The Indian education system is still one of the best in the world, and think before taking such a step, India is still a great country to live in.

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