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13-year-old dog donates blood for fellow canine’s treatment

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The Fact News Service, July 7

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on earth. There have been many incidents where dogs have come forward for humans’ help. But this, time a dog showed a kind gesture for its fellow canine and donated blood for its treatment.

As per the reports in Times of India, a dog named Danny had come to Kolkata for treatment all the way from Chennai. Dr. Debajit Roy reportedly said that the dog was suffering from chronic renal failure. For his treatment, blood was required. The blood donation amongst the dogs is not a common practice. Therefore, Dr, Roy was worried about Danny’s treatment.

Then, a 13-year-old Labrador named Siya reportedly came to rescue Danny. Speaking to the daily, Anindya Chaterjee, Siya’s owner, reportedly said, “She smartly went and donated blood, that too, without wearing a muzzle. It took her around 15 minutes. I am proud today because of her.”

Dr. Roy reportedly said that not many people are aware of the blood donation amongst dogs. He also said that everyone was happy for Danny as it got a donor for its treatment.

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