100 years of Satyajit Ray: Artist pays poignant tribute to legend

New Delhi, May 3
Satyajit Ray had an inedible mark on the Indian cinema. His films are admired by cinephiles all over the world. May 2 marks 100 years since Satyajit Ray was born, and to celebrate his 100th birth anniversary, an artist paid the legendary filmmaker a poignant and relevant tribute. A Mumbai-based artist named Aniket Mitra celebrated the historic day by reimagining Satyajit Ray’s iconic film posters amid the Covid times. Aniket Mitra used ten films by Satyajit Ray to depict the Covid-19 crisis going on in India. Posters of films like Pather Panchali, Devi, Nayak, Seemabaddha, Jana Aranya, Mahanagar, Ashani Sanket and more, were used to show the citizens’ struggle during the second wave of the deadly virus. https://www.facebook.com/iamaniketmitra/posts/2860774627509787 Sharing the post on Facebook, Aniket Mitra said that given the current situation in the country, he was paying homage to the renowned filmmaker by highlighting the plight of the common man.
(Story sourced through agencies)